Wednesday, May 2, 2012

John Edwards and Politics

John Edwards and Politics
P. Schultz
May 2, 2012

            Reading about the John Edwards trial, I could not help thinking that these people, that is, the people who rise to the top of our society, are soulless. They have no souls. And then I thought about Obama’s announcement that he had reached some kind of deal with regard to Afghanistan. And I thought: “Gee, what about those families and survivors of those who have been killed in Afghanistan? And I meant both American families and Afghan families. Do we all now breathe a sigh of relief and say: ‘It’s over!’” Not a glimmer of shame from Obama, not a glimmer. Can one have a soul if one cannot feel shame at having sent so many to their deaths for what is apparently no reason at all? I don’t think so.

            I think this is what No Country for Old Men is about: soullessness. So at the outset of the book, Sheriff Bell witnesses the execution of a man who has no soul. And, of course, Sheriff Bell quits because he is fearful that he is losing his soul.  This seems to me to be a really frightening prospect or predicament. What happens to human beings who are soulless? I wonder.

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