Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Game


"Scores of the House’s most conservative members pored over the details presented by the Republican leaders and concluded they did not like what they saw.

"In a Tuesday morning meeting, Representative Eric Cantor, the chamber’s majority leader, told fellow Republicans to “stop grumbling and whining and to come together as conservatives and rally behind” the House speaker John Boehner’s plan. But many lawmakers complained that it lacked sufficient spending cuts. As a further blow to its prospects, the Club for Growth, which scores members on their fiscally conservative votes, came out against the plan."

The game plan is clear to me now. The Tea Partiers are being set up by Boehner and Cantor to take the fall for this "crisis," which of course is no real crisis at all. It is manufactured crisis and its purpose or one of its purposes to allow the establishment Republicans to discipline the Tea Party Republicans by making them look like extremists. Now, the Tea Party are guilty, according to Cantor, of "grumbling and whining" and of not being loyal to the Republican Party cause, here called the "conservative" cause. So, standing on principle is "grumbling and whining." Sounds like something you would hear on Oprah, if there.

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