Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The "Crisis"

Obama warns of a "crisis." Holy cow, whatever are we to do? We have a crisis, another crisis. Well, hold on to your wallets because usually when we have crises, we end up paying for it. We do, the politicians don't. In fact, they seem to profit, especially in terms of power. And, I wonder, will anyone dispute Obama's claim? I doubt the Republicans will because the two parties collude to keep their power and both profit in terms of power when we are in "crisis." I believe there is a psychological modus operandi in which some people can only "function" in a "crisis." I wonder if our political system isn't the same way. Anyway, the "crisis" is upon us and so we must become good little cogs cooperating for the sake of the nation.....Ain't life grand?

"The government is using the usual scare tactics to strong-arm the people into going along with more spending. Remember the rhetoric surrounding the big bailout of October 2008? We were told, not that this would be calamitous for the banks, but for the people, who would continue to experience massive job losses and foreclosures. We were told that the economy would sink into a deep recession if this money was not handed out to too-big-to-fail corporate cronies. So, after much hand-wringing, leaders from both parties, against unprecedented public outcry, agreed to shower money on the banks and increase the debt. The banks learned nothing, except that Washington will come to their rescue, no matter what. The people, however, continued to lose their jobs and houses anyway, and here we are, still in a deep recession."

Guess who authored this quote.....Answer will appear soon.

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