Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Politics: Our Grand Delusion

Oh, how simple and understandable the world looks when viewed through the lens of our conventional political categories. The Democrats know how to fix things and, of course, the Republicans do too. They might disagree about the fix but they agree that things are fixable and they agree that if you give them the power - elect them and then turn them loose - they will fix things.

How comfortable our thinking makes us. More government, more regulation will fix things. Less government, less regulation, less entitlements will fix things. Question: Is this thinking evidence of delusion or arrogance?

"I laugh when I can and I live with the rest....There's one rule in life I trust, everything outside my gut ain't necessarily so."

"I don't care what anyone tells you, we humans are here to screw around."

"People of the world!! RELAX!!!!"

It's not fixable. So.....enjoy the ride.

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