Monday, July 12, 2010

More on "regulation" and our politics

More On Regulation

More dialogue between me and my friend. We have a good time conversing and disagreeing. And we are good friends so don't worry about my rather "straightforward" language....He understands... From my friend first....

"I think we're either up shit's creek, or that a capitalist democracy requires major tradeoff and will always be imperfect. What I worry about is that if we are up shit's creek, then you may very well be right. But the only "solution" then is a pretty radical breakdown and revamping of our system, a revolution of sorts.

I was a young college student during the "days of revolution" from the student left. In retrospect, I think those were very dangerous and very irresponsible times. I simply am no fan of radical changes. They bring with them violence, uncertainty, and heartache.

I prefer the unsatisfying balancing act, until you can convince me otherwise. I still think FDR had it as right as you're going to get it."

My response:
I love you, you ugly old man with a bald head!! Italics are on and u don't know why!!!??? Then turn them off, you goof!!

I have no adequate response to this, as honest a response as is possible. And you are in one sense correct, about "the unsatisfying balancing act," which so characterized I have no problem with at all. This makes FDR less than the "savior" that so many want to make of him and makes "salvation" a non-issue or a nonsense issue. There is no salvation up this shit's creek.....And balancing I can live with. It is talk of salvation that pisses me off.

I would only add that there are all sorts of "revolutions" that have gone on and some of them were not violent.....TJs in 1800 and thereafter comes to my mind, for example. Lincoln had no choice as the eradication of our "original sin," slavery, was only going to be expunged with the sword [and still the Lord is just, said Abe in his 2d inaugural]. As to "heartache," you must forgive me for chiding you a bit in your person as a musician: Without heartache and heartbreak, where would our music come from? And "uncertainty"? You are old enough to know that uncertainty is our fate. As one of my favorite philosophers/novelists points out: Our lives are mysterious as the future is a mystery but so is the present and the past, which is not dead. In fact, it is not even "past".

But I want to persuade you of nothing. I just throw these things out there because I can....And at least you are receptive, which is too often uncommon among we academics......

"It what it is
You are what you it
There are no mistakes...."

Whatever that means......

Kippee Hi Ho

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