Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Health Care Dance

On yes, the health care dance goes on, and "dancing with the Stars" has nothing on this. The president gave his "SPEECH" which of course was supposed to arouse all to fight on for health care. However, he also seemed to be preparing people for the ditching of the public option, which was the replacement for a single payer system, which of course never had a chance of becoming law! Health care is being whittled down, just as some suspected it would be, piece by piece, even as the president pretends he is fighting for comprehensive health care. But then why be surprised because as Robert Reich wrote in the N.Y. Times Book Review section last Sunday [9/6/09], "health care has bedeviled, eluded, and defeated presidents for the past 75 years." Oh, our helpless presidents! Take us to war against popular opinion? No problem. Give us health care with popular opinion? No can do. The charade goes on and on and on.

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