Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health Care Charade

The Republicans and Democrats are only playing games with us. The debate about Health Care is, for all practical purposes, over and has been over since some Republicans have raised clearly trumped up arguments about such fantasies as "death panels." Parodies are not serious arguments and these claims illustrated the absence of any real opposition by Republicans to what Obama and the Dems were proposing. All the Republicans are doing now is presenting some "opposition" to make it look like there is disagreement about the most important parts of the coming health care package when there really isn't and hasn't been since the single payer idea was shelved and now that the public option, at least in any significant sense, loks like it has been shelved as well. Why would the Republicans do this? Well, it makes it seem that they are acting for the best interests of the American people as they conceive those interests while actually playing ball with the Democrats to draft a health care policy that will not upset the power centers in D.C. and in the states. Also, it allows the Democrats to claim that they are fighting for "real health care reform" when in fact that is not the case. What will emerge as a result is a health care package that satisfies the powers that be in Washington [the two parties] rather than satisfying the American people.

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