Monday, January 15, 2024

Affirming the Political: Nihilism

Affirming The Political: Nihilism

Peter Schultz


                  The CIA trained Islamic terrorists in the US and sent them overseas to terrorize the Soviet Union, Cuba, and other places. Why did they do this? Because these CIA officers were “good Americans.” “Good Americans” embrace and approve such terrorism. Those criminals who worked with the CIA to try to assassinate Castro, e.g., were “good Americans;” they were willing to kill the nation’s enemies.  


                  Would “good Americans” be willing to assassinate or depose presidents? Of course, if they thought those presidents were “bad Americans.” “Good Americans” are justified in eliminating “bad Americans,” one way or another. It’s that simple, really.


                  Once you look at the meaning of the concept of “good Americans,” you can see the nihilism that plagues political life. Which helps explain why the ambitious, the avaricious, and the cruel seek out the political arena, because they know they can flourish therein. They know that their ambition, their avariciousness, their cruelty, when successful, will be deemed honorable and they will be deemed worthy of the highest honor available, i.e., fame, a kind of immortality.

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