Monday, August 22, 2022

Ben Afflect, JLo and Harry and Sally


Ben Afflect, JLo and Harry and Sally

Peter Schultz


            In their recent nuptials, Ben and JLo are seeking something, something beautiful. What’s the likelihood of they’ll find it? They’ve been fooled into thinking that what they’re seeking will be found in or as the result of a beautifully choreographed wedding, like a beautifully choreographed movie script. Not quite.


            But it’s when Harry met Sally that the real beauty is to be found, something it took Harry twelve years to figure out. The beauty, although reflected by a marriage, wasn’t about a marriage. It was about the beauty of a love affair that others could see better than Harry and Sally. Even Helen, Harry’s ex, saw it, as did Jess and Marie. Harry didn’t know he was in love with Sally and Sally thought she hated Harry when it was impossible for her to hate him because of the things he said. “That’s just like you, Harry. You say things like that and you make it impossible for me to hate you. And I hate you, Harry. I really hate you!”


            We humans pursue, we crave beauty, and most of us find it together as “a couple,” maybe married, maybe not. I have loved several women in my life and I still love them, unashamedly, because I now realize and embrace the beauty we shared. It is more than enough to see me through this vail of tears.  

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