Saturday, April 3, 2021

Pete Buttigieg Is Full of Shit


Buttigieg Is Full of Shit

Peter Schultz


      Pete Buttigieg: ‘A lot of the mistrust in our country right now is the result of policy failure.’ [See the link below.]

            Actually, in this regard Buttigieg is full of shit. He’s dead wrong about why people mistrust “the government.” In fact, they don’t mistrust the government but they do distrust the elites that control the government. And they don’t mistrust those elites because of policy failures, but rather because of policy successes. Among those successes are our endless but optional wars in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Korea. Also among the policy successes is the ever-increasing gap between the wealthy and the rest of us, a policy that lowers the status of the middle and lower classes while raising the economic status of the wealthy.


            These policies must be labeled successful because they have, as they were intended to do, kept our oligarchic imperialists in power. In fact, they have fortified the power of those elites, and at the expense of the rest of us and of the nation. It is important to call out Buttigieg’s propaganda, because that’s what it is but also because if we don’t know why and how our elites govern, we cannot change our situation. Electing someone like Biden, who has never shown the least bit of anxiety over the oligarchic imperialism that controls the US, illustrates the problem. Joe cannot possibly correct what’s wrong in the US because he has spent decades endorsing those policies. To think otherwise is to prove one’s naiveté, one’s political ignorance. And, of course, to think otherwise is to ratify, fortify the existing situation.

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