Saturday, June 13, 2020

Conversation #12 To Vote for Biden or Not

Conversation #12: To Vote for Biden or Not
Heard June 13, 2020

Susan: “So, you’re not going to vote for Biden?”
Sally: “No. I am afraid not. But are you?”
Susan: “Oh yes. Anyone’s better than Trump. Don’t you think so?”
Sally: “No, I don’t although I do agree that Trump is bad, very bad.”
Susan: “Then why not Biden?”
Sally: “Let me put it this way. How would you describe US foreign policy, pre-Trump?”
Susan: “Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it much.”
Sally: “OK, understood. But would you say US foreign policies are relatively humane and peaceful or brutal and savage?”
Susan: “Oh, definitely humane and peaceful, with some mistakes. Definitely humane and peaceful.”
Sally: “OK. But you see that where we differ because I see US foreign policies as brutal and savage for the most part and at heart. And that’s why I won’t vote for Biden because he supports what are brutal and savage policies.”
Susan: “Well, I don’t agree with that take on US foreign policies.”
Sally: “I know you don’t and that’s why you see Biden as a proper choice. So, at bottom, our real disagreement isn’t over whether to vote for Biden or not. Actually, it’s over US foreign policies because only if you think US foreign policies are humane and peaceful can you think of Biden as a proper choice. If, like me, you think of those policies as brutal and savage, then Biden is not a proper choice. And, of course, neither is Trump, for the same reasons.”
Susan: “So you’re taking a pass for this presidential election?”
Sally: “Well, yes, because I would rather take a pass than vote for brutal and savage foreign policies.”

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