Thursday, September 26, 2019

Rants on Recent Events

Rants on Recent Events
Peter Schultz

       Here are some rantings of mine that I recently posted on Facebook. Enjoy!

Goodwin is correct: Trump's phone call is nothing. But Goodwin doesn't get that this impeachment is a farce and the Democrats know it's a farce. Why do it? Because when you have a political order that is controlled by the wealthy and their representatives, works for them and does little else, it helps to create "dramas" that make it seem like something else is going on. Remember Kavanaugh? Both the Republican and Democratic elites will profit from this farce, just as happened when the Republicans pretended to want to remove Clinton from office. I marvel at how obtuse people can be, how taken in by dog and pony shows. But then, they don't have to acknowledge that our political order is thoroughly corrupt, from top to bottom, from left to right. Enjoy the show!

Whenever I see this person [Greta], I feel like I’m watching a “reality tv show,” because she seems to be so scripted, a script used by moralists “to stage ritualized displays of anger and disgust” in allegedly crisis situations. The script has a general outline too: first, a threat is identified. Then stereotype the reprobates, here politicians and others. Follow up with escalating threats (here: we can’t wait and must act!). Top it all off with moral absolutism and make-believe solutions like more laws or symbolic acts (here Greta’s school protests every Friday). It all seems so contrived, so predictable, and ultimately so propagandistic. And yet people eat it up. Goebbels is laughing in his afterlife, “Told you so!”

Response from a friend and my response to her:
My exact sentiments. She looks like an actress plucked out of some 1940s film about the Nazis. And the entire speech is a giant sound bite. Also... the world is going to end whether we like it or not. Let’s all calm down.
Me: She's learned her lines and her scripting, from her transatlantic sailing to her appearances in Congress and the UN, has been quite professional. Certainly something I would expect from a teenager! It blows my mind how easy it is to propagandize even intelligent people. Perhaps what is needed to resist such stuff is more than a bit of perversity, which is what I have. 

More on impeachment:
The coming formal impeachment investigation of Trump has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with national security or with "Russiagate" or with anything Trump has done, other than being president of course. Rather, it has to do with the political battles within the Democratic Party, the battles between "the Squad" and those called "the frontliners," especially first term frontliners who are looking to retain their seats in 2020. From this perspective, it matters not whether Trump will be successfully impeached - which of course no sensible Democrat really wants to happen - or not. It is enough that the Democratic Party pretend it wants to successfully impeach Trump and remove him from office, just as it was enough that the Republicans pretended to want to remove Clinton from office via impeachment when of course they didn't. In other words, this move is blatantly political, forced on Pelosi et. al. who is trying to maintain her control of the Democratic Party against "the Squad" and other alleged "radicals." All the rest of the rhetoric from the Democrats is, to put it bluntly, bullshit.

Oh where will this lead, they wonder as if they didn’t know. This is such fun, watching the “drama” of our Orwellian oligarchs unfold as if something important is going on. As one guy quoted here claimed, he only knew this would be an X factor in the campaign 2020. He got that right because that’s what this is about, the 2020 campaign, nothing more, nothing less. Just as the Republicans were after Clinton before 2000, so the Democrats are after Trump, with just about as much legitimacy. But when the political order is thoroughly controlled by the wealthiest Americans, providing for them and almost no one else, it is necessary to pretend something else is going on. Well, like the BS that went on with Kavanaugh, this is the latest faux drama going on. I will sit back, not watch Fox or MSNBC, and wait for the denouement of this farce. We have become a world-wide joke and that joke is on us.    

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