Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nature and Politics Abhor Vacuums

Nature and Politics Abhor Vacuums
P. Schultz

            Below is a link to an article in The Guardian that is right on the money regarding the Democrats and our current political situation. It is well worth reading. Here is how I would put it:

            Although you may not [and should not] like (a) that Trump won and (b) his kind of politics which are despicable, nonetheless he filled the political vacuum created by our ruling class as represented by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and B. Obama. Hillary couldn't fill it because she and her kind of politics helped create it. Bernie tried but was defeated by status quo Democrats like Hillary, Pelosi, Bill Clinton, and Democratic Party rules: "Democratic primary rules put in place after the party’s disastrous nomination of South Dakota senator George McGovern in 1972 meant that, unlike Republicans leaders who were incapable of stopping Trump, establishment Democrats could hold off the Sanders surge." By "holding off" Sanders, the status quo Democrats shot themselves in the foot, proving that they are, these days, irrelevant. Nature and politics abhor vacuums.

            You want evidence of the vacuum you say? How about a war that has gone on in Afghanistan and Iraq for almost two decades? Obviously, the ruling class has no way out of the debacle they have created and are forced to continue this war fruitlessly. How about a national security state that doesn’t provide security, either for “we the people” or even for the secrets it wants to keep? How about an economy that can’t support a thriving middle class? How about a political order that can only deal with its black citizens by incarcerating them at exponential rates? How about a war on drugs that the drugs and the drug dealers are winning?

            The current or previously ruling class has created a situation it can no longer control, except by making it worse. When any ruling class reaches such a state, it is no longer relevant and will be replaced. The only real question is: What will the replacement political order be like? So far, Trump is providing an answer for which the status quo Democrats – and Republicans – have no response.

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