Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Poor Trump: You've Been Played

Poor Trump: You’ve Been Played
P. Schultz

            Oh, poor Donald Trump. Apparently, he didn’t realize he was being played, being set up by the ruling class in order to fortify and even extend its power. And after 9/11, Bush’s fiasco in Iraq, the “great recession,” and the almost completely uninspiring and inconsequential presidency of Barack Obama, not to mention Bill Clinton and his impeachment, Trump is exactly what the established mainstream politicians needed to re-establish their “creds.”

            But now that Trump has secured the nomination, all of kinds of stuff will be dropped on “the Donald,” while he implodes, thereby ensuring his defeat in the upcoming presidential election. And having defeated Trump while elevating the utterly banal and mediocre Hillary Clinton to the presidency, the ruling elites will have gone a long way to re-legitimizing themselves by illustrating once again that there is only one kind of politics that “works,” viz., their kind of politics which, of course, serves their interests more than anyone else.

            We can all relax now because the ruling elites have “it” all in hand now and will, no doubt, prove as competent governing as they have in the past 25 years or so. And, lo and behold, by the time 2020 rolls around, we will be most grateful to those elites, even as they pick our pockets in order to pay for the wars that make them seem indispensable.

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