Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Truth

The Truth
P. Schultz

            People think that “the truth” is something we talk about, something we discover in books or in lectures or the Bible. But it isn’t. It is something we experience, something we meet, someone we meet. That is the truth.

            My mother met the truth. She knew without reading a book, without hearing a lecture, without learning any dogma or theology that we are all just human beings. And she knew when we classify human beings, label some gay, some lesbian, and other straight; that when we label some black and some white; that when we label some Christians and others Jews or Muslims or atheists; that when we label some smart and others not smart; that when we label some Europeans and others Asians; that when we do that, we are being untruthful. She knew this and this she passed on to me, my brothers, and her grandchildren. And she knew that no word, no book, no law, no speech could ever make untrue that which is true.

            I am lucky. I met the truth through my mother. May you meet the truth and may it set you free, free of your fears, free of your prejudices, free of your guilt, free to be a human being in the company of other human beings.

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