Friday, May 1, 2015

Quiz: Why Was Dan Quayle Papa Bush's VP Choice?

Quiz: Why Did George H.W. Bush Pick Dan Quayle for his VP?
P. Schultz
May 1, 2015

            This question bugged me for some time until a friend pointed out to me that Papa Bush was the head of the CIA and, hence, probably played a role in some clandestine activities both then and as Reagan’s vice president, activities that, if exposed, could lead to his impeachment, conviction, and removal from office. The “October Surprise of 1980” would be one example of such an activity, the “surprise” by which the Reagan team made a deal with the Iranians not to release the hostages held by Iran until after the election, which of course would also connect to what got labeled the “Iran-Contra Scandal” during Reagan’s tenure.

            Well, here is some information that would support the answer that Dan Quayle was George Bush’s “insurance policy against impeachment,” from Kevin Phillips’ book, American Dynasty, his account of the Bush family’s history and considerable involvement with the CIA and its many subsidiaries.

            “As president, Bush senior gloried in the Gulf War and the 1989 invasion of Panama, both cast as strikes for democracy – even if the dictators attacked were former friends. Over a decade . . . his web of covert international relationships prompted charges of his participating in and covering up in three actual or alleged illegalities: the Republican Party’s ‘October Surprise’ negotiations with Iran in 1980, supposedly undertaken to ensure that no hostages taken in Iran would be released before the election; the Iran-Contra scandal; and ‘Iraqgate,’ secretly arming Iraq from 1984 to 1990 before hurriedly changing course after Saddam Hussein took Kuwait. Two catchphrases recur in the family resume: ‘arms deals’ and ‘clandestine operations.’ A third recurring association would be ‘cover-up.’” [p. 268]

            Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? For example, what was in John McCain’s closet that led him to pick Sarah Palin as his VP nominee? Hmmmm……

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