Monday, April 28, 2014

The US and Terrorists: And the Beat Goes On

The US and Terrorists: And the Beat Goes On
P. Schultz
April 28, 2014

            The “realistic” shape of United States foreign policy is evident in this activity, which helps to illustrate an argument I have made previously, viz., that “realism,” while it pretends to be an alternative to “extremism,” is or supports extremism. And yet, it is only those who our “realists” are fighting who are labeled “extremists.” Why is that? [Rhetorical question.]

“Clearly, the US military and the US government were both well aware of the heavy Al Qaeda presence in Cyrenaica since as early as 2007. When violence flared up in 2011, it was clear to many geopolitical analysts that it was the result of Al Qaeda, not "pro-democracy protesters." The US government, its allies, and a complicit Western press, willfully lied to the public, misrepresented its case to the United Nations and intervened in Libya on behalf of international terrorists, overthrowing a sovereign government, and granting an entire nation as a base of operations for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

“A similar scenario is now playing out in Syria, where the West, despite acknowledging the existence of Al Qaeda in Benghazi, Libya, is using these militants, and the exact same networks used to send fighters to Iraq, to flood into and overrun Syria. This, after these very same Libyan militants were implicated in an attack that left a US ambassador dead on September 11, 2012.”

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