Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paul Ryan, Republicans and Abortion

Paul Ryan, Republicans, and Abortion
P. Schultz
August 22, 2012

“[Paul Ryan and the Republican Party] put the rights of rapists above the rights of their victims, guaranteeing every rapist the right to choose the mother of his child. What’s [being] proposed is a rapists’ bill of rights.” The Political Brain,  by Drew Westin.

            The above is a quote from Drew Westin’s book, The Political Brain, which I have written about previously, although as indicated the quote has been altered a bit. And this is a statement that Westin argues, persuasively, that should be used against those who think that rapists have the right to have their children born by their victims. And this is the way the argument should be put: That if abortion is not available to women who have been raped, then the rapist is being given the right to impregnate women and force them to have their, the rapists’, children. And these are the same guys who pretend to be “tough on crime?” Not so much.  

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