Saturday, June 2, 2012

Warren v. Brown

Warren v. Brown
P. Schultz
June 2, 2012

Here is a story about Elizabeth Warren and that she was spared a fight for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts senator to run against Scott Brown. Apparently, she has found “a new feistiness” and she will not wilt when attacked by Brown. I guess this is good to know and reassuring but I cannot help but think that if this is all there is in this choice between Warren and Brown that there isn’t much here at all. I mean as near as I can tell for the past few weeks, the focus has been on Warren’s claim or non-claim of some sort of special ethnicity. Really? This is what a debate between Warren and Brown comes down to? Aren’t there more important issues that these two have to debate?

And what if there aren’t? Now that is scary and sad. Warren is billing herself as the person who will help prevent the Republicans from taking over the US Senate. But what if it doesn’t matter if the Republicans take it over? Will our foreign policy change? More drone attacks? Hard to conceive. Guantanamo closed? Don’t think so. Goldman Sachs people have less influence? Wanna bet.

Oh well: Such is life in our oligarchy. As things go “down the tubes,” as George Carlin use to say, we worry about Mitt Romney’s religion, whether Obama was born in Hawaii, or whether Warren claimed to be a “Native American.” What a country!

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