Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Instruments of Statecraft": Governing in America

Instruments of Statecraft, Michael McClintock
Posted by P. Schultz
November 20, 2011

This is a review of a book I just “discovered” reading another book that should be a must for anyone interested in how our political system actually works,  that is, not as it works in the dreams of those who like movies like “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” or TV shows like “The West Wing.” This other book is Ideal Illusions: How the US Government Co-Opted Human Rights, by James Peck. You can find this review on Amazon if you type in Michael McClintock and look for his book, Instruments of Statecraft.

"Instruments of Statecraft" is a powerful and significant book that unveils how US counterinsurgency doctrine was consciously modelled on the practices and achievements of World War II fascism. In his review of US Army manuals of the 1950s, author Michael McClintock notes that there is a frightening similarity between the Nazi's perception of world politics and America's behavior in the Cold War.
“McClintock reveals how the US has undertaken the worldwide task of removing anti-fascist resistance and other criminals (labelled "Communists" or "terrorists") from the theatre of national and international politics.
“McClintock points out that in the struggle against "Partisan Communism" the killing of anyone furnishing aid or comfort, directly or indirectly, to such partisans, or any person withholding information on partisans, was well within the provisions of acceptable superpower behavior.
“McClintock shows how the policies advocated by Kennedy's dovish advisors, and standard US practice in Central America were founded on the fundamental state terrorist policy of the utility of "evacuation of all natives from partisan-infested areas and the destruction of all farms, villages, and buildings in the areas following the evacuations" - standard US procedure in South Vietnam, for example. Engaging, illuminating and riveting,"Instruments of Statecraft" is a must-read for blind-faith patriots everywhere. “

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