Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry and Shrub

"Mr. Perry, however, is hardly a natural heir to the Texas Bush legacy or the much-maligned reputation that Mr. Bush left among both Republicans and Democrats. The blue-blooded Bush clan’s dislike of the gun-slinging, coyote-shooting son of tenant farmers runs deep — from the first President George Bush on down to the family’s political Svengali, Karl Rove, to state-level operatives — and Mr. Perry further offended Bush-world when, in recent years, he publicly criticized President George W. Bush on a number of issues, and questioned his fiscal conservatism."
From the NY Times, August 20, 2011

Although the Times is presenting the distance between Perry and Shrub as something personal, it should not be forgotten that this is about politics. This confirms for me my suspicion that the Bush's and other Republicans like them, called "blue blood Republicans," would rather have Obama as president than Rick Perry. Why? Because Obama is less of a threat to their power within the Republican Party. For similar reasons, the Bush's supported Perry's opponent when he ran for governor, Bailey Kay Hutchinson. Obama has demonstrated, over and over, his willingness to "do business" with establishment Republicans and, of course, even if he wins he is no threat to those Republicans. And if he wins against someone like Perry, then he is in fact an ally of those Republicans. It is always necessary to remember that the leaders of both parties are quite willing to lose elections in order to maintain their power within the parties. After all, that is what politicians seek, power.

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