Monday, November 8, 2010

Now this funny!

Now, here is a really, genuinely funny thing that is going on in this nation. The Tea Party is supporting Republicans for office, thinking that they will reduce the size and scope of the national government - no, not the "federal" government as it has not been "federal" for a pretty long time. What is so funny about this? Well, think first the name "Dick Cheney." Then think the phrase: "Presidential power." Now, put the two phrases together and see what you get. If you have been paying attention at all to what went on in Washington, D.C. when Dick Cheney was vice president [I almost wrote "president"], you will know that if you are concerned with limiting government, then voting for Republicans is not the way to do it.

If the name "Dick Cheney" and the phrase "Presidential power" don't work for you, then think of the law labeled "No Child Left Behind." Of course this was Shrub's contribution to the attempts of the national government to regulate - read "control" - education in this nation, taking the power of regulation away from the states and assigning it to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Or if "No Child Left Behind" does not work for you, then think of the law called the "Patriot Act." Of course, this law was passed after 9/11 and increased the powers of the national government immensely, even allowing the government to spy on American citizens without warrants, which means without having to provide any justification for such spying. Perhaps this blog is being spied upon. Who knows? You don't and I don't. And that is the point: If you are genuinely concerned about limiting the powers of the national government, then I would suggest you have to find some other party to vote for than the Republicans. No, I don't think the Democrats will do, as they are no more interested in limiting the powers of the national government than are the Republicans. So, I guess the bottom line is this: If you are genuinely interested in limiting the powers of the national government you are shit out of luck - or you need to become a rebel or insurgent and attempt to overthrow or undermine the political system as it functions today. But if you take the latter tack, ask Russ Feingold, former Senator from Wisconsin, how it worked out for him.

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