Monday, April 26, 2010

"Standardized" v. "Quality"

How come it is that those who claim not to trust government to do much of anything. like George Will, trust it to know which teachers are "high performers?" Oh yes, now I remember: we have standardized tests to determine "high performing" teachers and students!! This is truly comical. "Standardized" has become synonymous with, confused with "quality." It really isn't worthwhile spending a lot of time arguing with people who cannot distinguish between "standardized students" and "quality students." Let me see: I want a team of "standardized" athletes. Or an orchestra of "standardized" musicians. Or, gee, wouldn't it be better if Bruce Springsteen had written "standardized" music! And I certainly wanted my children to be "standardized"!!!!! That way, they would fit right into, conform to, our increasingly "standardized" society!!! Maybe this confusion isn't so funny after all. Maybe it is just sad.

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