Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very briefly on Health Care

Oh well, the more things "change" the more they stay the same. Now it looks like the "historic change" in health care will be anything but as Lieberman holds the Democrats hostage, or so the Democrats claim.....How convenient for those who don't want the system changed too much if at all. And it is interesting how easily these politicians fold when it comes to health care. For those who think we actually do have a two party system, I implore you to explain why it is that we are about to get a health care "reform" package that will, in reality, upset almost nobody. Oh yeah, don't give me the Fox News crap....It is all part of the game, the game of two parties colluding to preserve the perqs and privileges of the few....in both parties.

It is time for a new stategy which I will call RIP, i.e., Reject Incumbent Politicians, all of them. Perhaps I will start a RIP web site and hope we can let these politicians Rest In Peace. It is time to send a message, viz., that we the people really do want change and not of the faux/Obama kind of change.

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